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11 Questions to Think About When Shopping for a Dumpster Rental

11 Questions to Think About When Shopping for a Dumpster Rental

11 Questions to Think About When Shopping for a Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental Myrtle Beach has never been this easy to find. One search on the web will show you a list of companies that are eager to haul your waste

However, you’ll encounter inconveniences if you just call and schedule the pickup right away. What if you need more time to collect and dump your waste? What if the dumpster was too small or too big? Avoid these possible hassles by thinking about the following questions.

1-Do you really need a dumpster?

Dumpster rental prices range from $200 to $500. There may be additional charges as well. Such expense is worth it if you’re renovating. Local collectors don’t usually take construction waste anyway.

Renting a dumpster is also advisable if you’re doing general cleaning. This is especially helpful if you have many furniture and appliances to toss out. If you’re throwing out clothes, toys, books, decors and other portable items, consider a garage sale instead. You can also send them to thrift shops or give them to charity. But if you don’t want more hassles, just let the dumpster company dispose the waste.

2- Are you sure that the company will accept the kind of waste you have?

To be clear, dumpster rental companies don’t allow all kinds of construction waste. If yours contain asbestos, you should hire an asbestos removal service instead. 

You should also tell the company if you’re tossing out bricks, concrete or asphalt. Some don’t permit such while others send a heavy debris equipment instead of the regular dumpster.

Lumber, drywall, shingles and fixtures are allowed. The same goes for typical household waste like worn out clothes, broken cooking wares and old toys. As for throwing appliances, you need to say it in advance. These are permitted, but they may affect the overall rental cost.

You can throw away wooden furniture in a dumpster. However, you need to ask whether upholstered furniture is allowed or not.

3-How do you choose a dumpster?

Roll off dumpster rental comes in sizes like 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 yards. The two biggest options are often used for managing storm damage and construction waste. But if your construction waste doesn’t involve heavy debris, the medium-sized dumpsters are good enough.

The small and medium-sized options suit waste from general cleaning. If you’re not tossing out furniture and appliances, the 8 yards dumpster will fit your needs. In case you’re going to throw those, consider the 10 or 12 yards. 

The volume, weight and type of waste should be your main criteria when choosing a dumpster size. A reliable company will also help you select the right size.

4-How long can you rent a dumpster?

You don’t have to finish your construction or spring cleaning before getting roll off dumpster rental. You can get the equipment and fill it with waste as you work. The company will simply haul it afterwards. 

The usual rental period lasts for three to seven days. It’s still different from one customer to another though. A representative from the company will ask you how long you need to rent. They’ll consider it when deciding the overall cost.

If you use the dumpster beyond the rental period, the company will penalize you with extra charges. Moreover, they may also haul the dumpster even without your permission.

5-Should you care about the company’s waste management policies?

Some dumpster rental companies sort out the waste they collected before disposing them. They may get, donate or sell books, clothes, cooking wares and furniture. If you don’t want a company going over your waste, ask about their waste management policies beforehand. 

6-Have you researched about the permits you have to take?

After looking for a dumpster rental near me, research about the permits you need to take from the local authorities. Having a dumpster in your yard can cause hassles to your neighbors. Thus, local authorities regulate such activity. Aside from getting permits, consider telling your neighbors as well. 

7-Are the representatives knowledgeable enough?

When calling the company, don’t just tell your preferred schedule and ask about the price. Test the knowledge of the representative, too. Take it as your chance to ask about their waste management policies. Inquire about possible penalties if you extended the rental period. Don’t forget to ask about the kinds of dumpsters they have. 

8-Who owns the equipment?

Ironically, some dumpster rental companies merely rent equipment to serve their customers. They may own the dumpster, but they rent the truck and tools for hauling waste. Go online to see if the company has their own equipment. See if the trucks and dumpsters have the company’s logo.

9-Which is more cost-effective: flat-rate pricing or variable rate pricing?

If you’re looking for a cheap dumpster rental, you should weigh on the pros and cons of flat-rate and variable rate pricing. Flat-rate means that the rental fee is fixed. As its name suggests, the rate varies in variable rate pricing. The tonnage is usually the basis for the said rate.

If you’re not disposing heavy debris and bulky items, the variable rate may be more ideal. In case you do, the flat-rate price may be more advantageous. This is also advisable if you want to stick to your budget.  

10-Are you sure that there are no additional charges?

Even if the rate is low, don’t feel at ease right away. The company may charge you additional fees for that cheap dumpster rental. 

They may charge you based on the distance between their headquarters and your home. They may also add fees for certain waste. If one or more of their workers have to assist you in tossing out bulky furniture into the dumpster, you need to pay that, too. 

You should also prepare for the tips of those workers, whether they help you fill the dumpster or not. Don’t wait for the workers to ask. 

11-Can you negotiate the price?

Public and private institutions negotiate dumpster rental prices all the time. You can argue that they have more waste. Thus, they have to pay more. But as a paying customer, you can negotiate, too. Other homeowners do it anyway.

Ask if the company has discounts. Consider the difference between their daily rate and weekly rate as well. Don’t expect the daily rate to be equal to 1/7 of the weekly rate. Negotiate with the representative if you simply need the dumpster for two to three days.

The ideal dumpster rental Myrtle Beach isn’t the one that gives the lowest rate. It’s the company that tries to give you best possible service—from the way their representative answer your inquiries to the way the workers haul the dumpster out of your lawn.

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