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residential dumpster rental near me

Frequently Asked Questions

What Forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check and all major credit cards (either online or on site).

How long can I Keep the dumpster?

Our common plan includes 10 days, but you may request a customized plan that will fit your needs. Call (843) 650-0904.

When is the dumpster picked up?

When you are ready for pick up, give us a call on (843) 650-0904. In case you exceed the days pre established on your plan, a fee may apply. And also make sure the way is clear around your dumpster, so our team may serve every costumer with efficiency, commitment and on time.

How much waste can the dumpster hold?

There is no exact limit. For security purposes, we ask that costumers do not fill it up above the top.

What should not be thrown in the dumpster?

Any type of flammables (such as petroleum products, combustible liquids, chemicals, etc.), pesticides, herbicides, electronic waste, hazardous waste and wet paint. We cannot accept food waste or heavy material (such as brick, concrete and topsoil) unless previously approved and set up on plan.

When is payment due?

After pick up an invoice will be issued and sent to you, and deadline for payment will be on it.

What can cause extra charges?

Our common plan price is based on material of mixed construction. Therefore, extra charges may apply for: overweight (more than 2 tons), food waste or heavy material (such as brick, concrete and topsoil) if not previously approved and set up on your plan, mattresses, large electronic devices and items containing Freon gas.

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